“Khushii” derived from the Urdu dialect translates to Happiness! And we actually deal in it!!

A love for designing invitations coupled with a commitment for excellence and complete attention to detail led Rachna J. Singh & Preeti Ganjoor to create experiences, since 1990.

Any colour can suggest the honeyed notes of wedding bells. Any paper, the romance of rhododendrons swaying to the autumn breeze. Any embellishment, bathe in the silver glow of an envious moon.

We work to delicately craft beautiful design, elegant typography, classic printing techniques, luxurious handmade papers, reflecting the mood and personality of individual people, for some of life’s most treasured occasions.


If you can dream it, we can design it!

At Khushii, you can witness the transformation of an ordinary piece of paper into a dream invite, draped in the various elements of colour, texture and type.

The material, hues, paper, the character of the typeface, the wordings; each element in your invitation will reflect the uncompromising quality and emotional dedication of our artisans. The invitations bring out the true colours and desire of the heart.

Our creations are based on the core value of trust. Our creativity walks hand in hand with your trust, which is why we are able to produce one masterpiece after another…each one unique and inimitable.