Nitish & Shikha

When Shikha called us from Mauritius to appreciate our work, little did we know we would be designing for the former Prime Minister’s grand niece.

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Shikha asked “Can you bring the Mauritius stunning sunsets to life in the invite?”

Well, a challenge always gets our creativity to the forefront! Colours of gorgeous seaside sunsets, amazing Mauritius flora, dainty laser cutting, delicate de-embossed foil borders and a customised monogram!!

Shikha teared up and could not say a word! That delighted she was!

Email us for more details and estimates as per your requirements! All our products are handmade, the actual pieces may vary slightly in color and size.

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Weight .170 kg
Dimensions 23.2 × 18.8 × .4 cm


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