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Was the lockdown challenging for you?

Was the lockdown challenging for you? Or, with so much time in hand, did you want to try something new/old/forgotten?

For me, it kicked-off an inward reflection of forgotten painting urges. It has been 25 years or more since I last held a brush and that scared me. Plus art supplies were impossible to source during quarantine.

So, I turned to my ipad, did some research and out popped ‘SketchBook’. With it, a reboot of my artistic tendencies. Long lost skills had to be honed, starting a journey to better myself. It took courage to set aside the initial artistic dejection and move to becoming better, slowly but surely.


Here are some thoughts if you’re under Artistic awakening 🙂

Don’t hesitate. Just start. You may feel not good enough, but that’s no reason for hesitation. A few painting/experiments on, you will find your vibe.

  1. Ignore the criticism. Nobody but you know your mind-space.
  2. Create “The everyday habit”. Whether short periods or a single long one, it doesn’t matter. Just be with your craft, everyday.
  3. Focus on learning and creating. The outcome will happen. It’s takes practice and more practice.
  4. Youtube, Pinterest are great sources for learning techniques. Observe videos, paintings, art tricks and form you own style.
  5. Feeling stuck? Talk to a friend, visit virtual art galleries, sit with a cuppa and let your mind float.
  6. Cannot finish the painting? Start afresh! Flow with subsequent inspirations and let your creativity soar on a new canvas.
  7. Most importantly, Don’t rush the learning. Nor focus on the outcome. Enjoying the process leads to satisfaction. Each stroke itself is a moment of creation.

Yes, it takes time, effort, sweat. You gotta push those nasty negatives aside. Like me, the eraser will become your best friend. Value your art and celebrate your journey of a million memories.

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