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Decisions! Decisions? Decisions!

Infinite design possibilities for your wedding invites, giving you sleepless nights. Let’s break down the intricacies to relieve you of wedding jitters.


Clean, aesthetic, inspiring. Reminds one of open spaces yet pin-point focused. Fill up the spaces with laser & embossed textures on fine recycled papers. Seriously dapper!!


Blossoming, whimsical, watercolours. The delicacy of flowers is always captivating in its myriad of colours. Team it up with luxurious gold calligraphy. Lasting romantic expressions!!




Timeless, Intricate, Elaborate. A dreamy vision with elegant detailing and heavy gold accents. Further work with book styles and thick card-stock. Cherished sophistication!


Simple, straight, eloquent. Keep it uncluttered using the negative spaces to draw attention on important information. Further stylise with embossed text. The correct dash of oomph!



Impressionable, auspicious, heritage. Religious symbols signify purity and seek blessings when embarking on a beautiful journey together. Keep it exclusive with warm tones and plush textiles. Magnifique!


Exciting, fun, themed. Weather using city skylines, beach fun, glorious sunsets or palatial motifs, let the masti reflect through the invite. Highlight with embossed foiled elements. Make it memorable!



Hand-painted, sleek, delightful. Especially perfect if you have an artistic flair. Up the scale with recycled paper and vellum. Finish with a customised seal. Treasured forever!



Adventurous, appealing, trendy. If you’re a crafter, lay it out for the world to see. Origami, Quilling or just plain crafting, make it bespoke for your special day. Box it for added panache. Definately a keepsake!


Whatever your design decision, listen to your heart and let the invite represent the one that matters most at your wedding… YOU!!

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